July 1951 Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men
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July 1951 Air Trails
July 1951 Air Trails Cover - Airplanes and Rockets Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like American Aircraft Modeler, American Modeler, Air Trails, Flying Aces, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, & Young Men captured the era. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.


July 1951

Vol. XXXVI, No. 4


Supersonic Killers, by R. G. Naugle 19
Air Progress: The Jet Engine, by Douglas Rolfe 24
Stunt Rocket, by Walter A. Musciano 32
Design Competition: Flying Wings 36
Elementary Modeling: Half-A Control-Line 40
Flying the Carrier Event, by S. Calhoun Smith 48


Table of Contents for July 1951 Air Trails - Airplanes and Rockets



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