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The Estes Saturn 1B rocket is another model that I really wanted to have as a kid, but never could justify spending the money. In those days, I launched everything that I built, so I could not see spending a huge amount of my paper route money only to take the risk of destruction due to the parachutes not deploying properly or maybe an engine malfunction. I had launched enough rockets to know that the probability of something going wrong was directly proportional to the cost and time spent building. Instead, I stuck mostly with models that cost no more than about $3 (in 1960s-1970s dollars).

This Saturn 1B model is next in my rocket building queue. The Saturn 1B was one of the Saturn V's predecessors and was used as the launch vehicle for the first few Apollo missions - manned and unmanned. It was a 2-stage rocket with a cluster of 8 engines in the first stage.

After watching eBay auctions for the Estes Saturn 1B end north of $200, I pretty much gave up hope of ever snagging one at a reasonable price. Estes stopped making the kit years ago. Fortunately, the Semroc company is selling an identical clone version that I can afford at around $60.

Estes 1971 Model Rocketry Catalog - Pages 42 & 43Estes Saturn V building instructions Building Instructions


Specifications: Price = $16.50

Length = 43.5" (110 cm)

Body Diameter = 3.938" (100 mm)

Weight = 9.9 oz (280 grams)


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