Photo Collection #6
Well, These Are Not Models, But...

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Kirt Blattenberger with his 8" Newtonian telescope on an equatorial mount - Airplanes and Rockets

Me and My 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope
Clock Drive was Added Later
Edgewater, MD  (circa 1983)

AOPA certificate for first airplane ride - Airplanes and Rockets

My first-ever airplane ride certificate

Sanders Ground School Certificate - Airplanes and Rockets

My ground school certificate

Kirt Blattenberger: my solo certificate from Duke Blythe CFIA&I, Lee Airport, Edgewater, Maryland, May 7, 1977, taken in Piper Colt (a real piece of junk) - Airplanes and Rockets

My solo flight certificate

Annapolis Flying Service Ad in June 6, 1975 "Evening Capital" - RF Cafe

Annapolis Flying Service ad in June 6, 1975 Evening Capital newspaper

Kirt Blattenberger standing next to the Piper Colt at Lee Airport in Edgewater, Maryland - Airplanes and Rockets

Me with the Piper Colt that I flew while taking flying lessons at Lee Airport, Edgewater, Maryland. I went into the USAF before being able to take my check ride because of icy weather (November 1978). I had 50+ hours logged & FAA written passed - never did get my license (heavy sigh). Note the Annapolis Flying Service ad above showing flying lessons were something like $20/hour solo, and $28/hour with the instructor!

Erie Airport, about a mile from where I live now, charges around $240/hour with instructor for their least expensive airplane. According to the Inflation Calculator hosted on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, $28 in 1977 is the equivalent to $120 in 2018, so the effective cost has doubled.

Photo of Lee Airport, Edgewater, Maryland, by John Shoemaker - Airplanes and Rockets

Above is an aerial image of Lee Airport; and the surrounding area from sometime in the 2005-2006 timeframe. The airport itself has not changed much since I last flew from there in Fall of 1978.

Lee Airport headquarters - Airplanes and RocketsAirplanes and Rockets - Quonset (Quanset) hut at Lee Airport, Edgewater, MDI cannot believe that this same old white building is still the headquarters. I can remember walking in to pick up the keys to the Piper Colts (three of them at the time). In the back room, they used to keep the cut off shirt tails of all the people who soloed there. Mine might still be in there. It would be nice to visit some day and see it they would let me look for it.

This Quonset hut is probably the one where I took my ground school. It was definitely a cool environment.

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