Queen Anne Chair Leg Repair

We found a nice antique Queen Anne chair at the Erie City Mission. It had been reupholstered at some point based on a tag that was still attached. It was in excellent condition except the two front leg glue joints had broken away from the frame. Screws had been used, but the wood in the frame was chewed up and splintered from many prior attempts.

Supermodel Melanie Sitting in Her Queen Anne Style Chair Playing Cello - Airplanes and Rockets

To repair the wood, I clamped the inside and outside edges (not shown in these pictures) to compress it, then saturated the wood from the bottom with cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue). In some places I drilled 1/16" holes in the wood to allow deeper penetration. After sitting overnight to cure it was like a rock, and it didn't affect the finish where the wood was exposed.

Next, I scraped the old wood glue off the adjoining wood parts and the used a thin knife to get fresh glue into the joints. A bar clamp put pressure from side to side, as shown in the photo below. A pilot hole for a #12 sheet metal screw was drilled at an angle from the frame into the leg. Then, a flat-end drill was used to countersink to clear the screw head and a flat washer. A clearance hole was drilled in the frame up to the point where it met the leg. Finally the #12 SMS was driven in as tightly as I could get it. Screws were installed from both sides of each leg. This repair will last a lifetime - guaranteed or double you money back ;-)

Queen Anne Chair Leg Repair Clamps - Airplanes and Rockets

Queen Anne Chair Leg Repair Screw Closeup - Airplanes and Rockets

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Posted February 12, 2012