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Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - July/August 2013

Erie, Pennsylvania

The Bean Hill Flyers club is Erie, Pennsylvania's, only organized control line flying group. It operates under sanction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), charter #4673. Two main flying sites are maintained, one in Albion, PA, and the other in Millcreek, just west of the Erie city line.

Class: Control Line       AMA Chartered Club #4673

Flying Field Location: Rt. 6N, just east of Albion, PA (see map)

Contact: Joe Daniels

Phone: 814-881-1895

Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - July/August 2013 (page 1) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - July/August 2013 (page 2) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - July/August 2013 (page 3) - Airplanes and Rockets

Bean Hill Flyers

President: Joe Daniels                              Vice President: Dennis Thomas

Treasurer: George Towns                         Safety Officer: Chris Keller

Secretary: Greg Rodney                            Plans Librarian: Bill Hayes

Newsletter Editor: Dalton Hammett

Hi Everyone,

It seems everyone is pretty busy this month with work, vacations and Brodaks going on so the July/ August Newsletter will be small. We needed to get it out to be sure everyone gets the updates on our events.

First of all we will not be flying at the Dan Rice Days festival in Girard, PA. The field has been assigned to a re-enactment group and we were offered the driveway at the fire hall to use. In the interests of preserving the planes we decided not to fly there. The field was rough enough as it was.

There was no model air show scheduled at Vo-Tech this year, however, there is a two day air show at the Erie Airport and they have offered us a place to fly there both days. Mike Ditrich will try to keep us up to date on this via email.

Take a look at the corrected schedule. Our annual event will be on July 14 to keep from interfering with the Skylarks Fun Fly. Our event will start at 9:00 AM as a fun fly and the afternoon will include the winter building planes, some stunt, and likely both Foxberg and Coxberg racing. If you are going to enter a racing event please be sure your plane, engine and line length meet the requirements. Also, be sure you have a second person on your team. Both must be AMA members but club membership is not required.

Let's make the rest of the summer great!!!


Club Schedule

July 14 - The Annual Bean Hill event, including the Winter Building Planes, skill level stunt and some racing.

July 27 & 28 - The Annual Skylarks Fun-Fly. There should be a page on it included in the newsletter.

August 24 & 25 - The Annual Erie Air show is going to be held at the Erie Airport and will have a control line area for us. Keep in touch with Mike Ditrich for further information.

August 25 - Fun-fly in NY will include free hot dogs, soda and water. For information contact Denny Thomas.

**** The field in Albion is open now and in good shape. Come out and use it whenever you can.

**** THIS JUST IN!!! We have been invited to fly on Saturday August 10th for the Albion Old Fashion Days celebration. The flying would be in the Albion Park. Please let me know quickly if you can participate in this. Dalton 882-1927

A Couple of Notes

Remember our July 14th event is an AMA sanctioned event so there will be a sign in sheet and be sure to have your AMA cards handy!


I was looking over the April 2013 issue of Control Line World and in Phil Spillman's column he noted some interesting information. One of Phil's friends, Jim Welch, was given an old plane that was fuel soaked. The solution was to immerse the plane in flour which drew the goop out of it. I hadn't ever heard of that trick before!!!

~ Dalton

Skylarks of Sharon, Pa.

20th Annual C/L Fly-In

July 27-28, 2013

9:00 AM to ??? Both Days

The Skylarks of Sharon, Pa. invite you to join us for two fun filled days of C/L flying at our club flying field in Transfer, Pa. July 27-28, 2013. There will be a $10.00 Landing Fee which covers both days! Come join in the fun and swap lies (stories) of the "good ole days"!

*Sanitary facilities available.

*Mufflers, Safety Thongs & AMA license required to fly.

*Closely cut grass flying surface.

*Manufacturer & Dealer displays welcome.

*Tailgate Swap Meet.

*$10.00 Landing Fee.

For more information contact:

Gordon Longstreet

230 S. Myers Ave.

Sharon, Pa. 16146


724- 301-9903


Robert Crusan

1169 Chestnut St.

Clarion, P A 16214



Quality Inn

3200 S. Hermitage Rd.

Hermitage, PA 16148

Ph: 724-981-1530

Red Roof Inn

3099 Wilson Rd

Hermitage, PA 16148

Ph: 124-342-7200


2810 S. Hermitage Rd.

Hermitage, PA 16148

Ph: 724-979-4330

Holiday Inn Express

3060 Spangler Rd.

West Middlesex, PA 16159

Ph: 724-982-4600

Super 8

3369 New Castle Rd.

West Middlesex, PA 16159


Visit us on the web:


Here is a page featuring other flying clubs and hobby shops in the Erie, PA, area.

Map for Bean Hill Flyers

AMA Chartered Club #4673

View Larger Map



Posted July 20, 2013

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