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Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - September/October 2013
Erie, Pennsylvania

The Bean Hill Flyers club is Erie, Pennsylvania's, only organized control line flying group. It operates under sanction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), charter #4673. Two main flying sites are maintained, one in Albion, PA, and the other in Millcreek, just west of the Erie city line. This month's Safety column editor Chris Keller takes a humorous swipe at consumer product safety tips.

Class: Control Line       AMA Chartered Club #4673

Flying Field Location: Rt. 6N, just east of Albion, PA (see map)

Contact: Joe Daniels

Phone: 814-881-1895

Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - September / October 2013 - Airplanes and Rockets

President: Joe Daniels                         Vice President: Dennis Thomas

Treasurer: George Towns                    Safety Officer: Chris Keller

Newsletter Editor: Dalton Hammett     Secretary: Greg Rodney

Plans Librarian                  Bill Hayes

Hi Everyone,

It's been a busy summer for many of us. Odd weather at times, a bit more rain than usual has kept the grass growing. In spite of this, the weather has been great when we needed it. The club fun fly and building contest was great and well attended. Beautiful Cosmic Winds, Busters, and Shoestrings gave the judges a really difficult time choosing the winners. But that's what a building competition is all about. Congratulations to all who participated, and attended, and many thanks to Dave Evar, Clint McBeth and Joe Maxwell. It was a great time for all.

In case you weren't there, I can tell you that you missed some really interesting stuff. Such as the fact that George Towns seems to have mastered throttle controlled flying with a standard motor and two lines. Perfect take offs and landings under power. How does he make it do that? And Denny Thomas' Buster has to be the lightest I've ever seen. How does he do it? Balsa Termites? And yes, it is really fast. Anyway, more things for us to aspire to.

Flying every Sunday afternoon at the Albion field has taken off this summer! George Towns got the ball rolling and everyone has been enjoying it. From about 1:30 in the afternoon till "whenever" has been the schedule. It's like the old days you remember, wooden airplanes and iron men ....... or is it the other way around? Come join the fun.

Some final notes, the next winter build will be a Ringmaster, we are going to try and get a Foxberg race day in yet this year, more on these later. And a request to the membership, please contact our club secretary, Greg Rodney, and make sure your email info is up to date. We are going to be sending this newsletter in digital format. We can save some mailing cost, and we will mail only to those who do not have email access. So may your lines be tight, your landings soft, and your fingers intact, the season is not over yet ....

See you at the field,

Joe Daniels


Club Schedule

Sept 21 &22

Annual Cleveland-Akron C/L event to be held at the MAPS Museum behind the Akron-Canton Airport.

Sept 29

Racing Day at the Albion Field for Foxberg and Coxberg starting at 1:00pm. Fun Fly afterwards.

Oct 6

Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon which we participate in annually. Flying will be at the Albion Field or school if necessary and if anyone makes any Ringmaster Flights on the s" report them to Joe Daniels as Saturday flights also count.

Jan 1st 2014

We plan on a "kick-off 2014" fun fly at the Albion school at 1:00.

***Remember - there has been flying every decent Sunday after 1:00 in Albion.

Letter by Shirley Hammett - Airplanes and Rockets

September/October Safety Page

Well BH, I'm writing this safety column on the eve of fatherhood. Tomorrow my wife is, scheduled at 8:30AM to deliver our twin boys, Samuel Eugene Keller and Eli Otto Keller. I proposed the names Sig and Brodak, but Amy wouldn't have any of it. Anyway, as I'm writing this article I'm looking around my house at things the internet has told me were dangerous. Peanut butter should be illegal, all outlets should have covers on them, stairs need doors or gates, trashcans must have child proof lids, carpet must be vacuumed at least 15 times a day, rugs should be secured to the floor with Velcro tape to avoid suffocation, plastic grocery bags should not even be allowed in the minivan let alone the house, hardwood floors should be mopped 3 times daily to pick up any errant dust - but with vinegar not harsh chemicals - and not too much vinegar as to irritate the little ones noses. Laundry must only be done in tepid water with $47-per-bottle, dye-free, scent-free, detergent-free laundry detergent. Cribs shall only contain a mattress covered with an organically grown, locally sourced, sustainable cotton sheet with no pillows or blankets. Car seats are a must and should only be installed by a certified technician who has no less than 2 years of classroom instruction and 4 years of on-the-job training, not to mention first aid and CPR certification. The car seats shall have additional padding installed so as to further cushion the child in the seat, effectively turning them into a real life version of the classic engineering school project of how to drop an egg off a building using only toothpicks and printer paper. Everything must be sterilized and sanitized and decolorized with no traces of harsh chemicals or unnatural products.

Kids can't play with boxes, bags, matches, traffic, knives or anything else fun. It is mind numbing. I got to thinking about this hysteria being applied to us as adults and to a point I suppose it has begun a long time ago. A recent car commercial showed a Fiat diving into the ocean in Italy and driving onto shore in the US. A disclaimer said "Simulated, Do not attempt". Well thank heavens they cleared that up.

I know this rambling doesn't have anything to do with airplanes, but I'll be darned if I could think of anything to write about the safety of model airplanes the night before I'm having twin boys. Don't glue your fingers together or grab a hot motor.

May your planes always land when you planned,

Chris Keller


Planes Worth Considering

F-4U Corsair Plans - Airplanes and Rockets

Pictured above are the plans for PDK LLC Laser Cut Kit's new profile Corsair. The plan spans 54" and the wing is 622 sq. in. in area. PDK has designed the plane for .40 to .53 size engines and the wing construction is worth noting. A slotted sheet spaces the ribs correctly making construction pretty quick and easy. The first kits were selling for $175.00 including shipping and insurance. For further information contact:

Pat King

5133 W. Jason Dr.

Monee, Ill. 60449-8677



For Sale

I am selling the following items out of my collection.                              Dalton 882-1927

1. Cox .049 with the larger stunt tank                      18.00

2. Old Fox 15                                                             18.00

3. Fox .19 looks very good                                        22.50

4. Merco.35 with muffler                                            35.00

5. OS Max .35                                                            35.00



Winter Building Challenge

At our annual event we had some very nice building entries in our building challenge. It looks like it is going to have to get a little harder to keep it a challenge - but, don't worry that won't be until next year.

The rules are pretty simple. The plane has to be built during the time between events, i.e., for next year's event you have from now until our event in July 2014. The judging is on build, finish etc, but the plane must fly a minimum of 10 laps to qualify, The flight is not judged except in the case of ties. There can be other things looked at also - kind of depends on the plane and general conditions.

Now, next year's build was announced yesterday but due to some requests we are going to add a little change to it. We will have a phase 1 and a phase 2 challenge. It was decided to build a Ringmaster to kind of help us gain more participation in the annual Ringmaster fly day.

Phase 1 - You canĀ· build a 42"-Ringmaster Profile. It can be done from a kit or plans but must be one of the 42" profile Ringmasters. There are a couple of companies still making kits for this model and it does not have to be one of the S-1 OTS models unless you want it to be.

Phase 2 - Here's where it can get a little harder. The phase 2 build will be any one of the "full body" Ringmaster models. There are a number of them and they are actually not difficult models to complete.

This means there will be-more chances to be a winner and the possibility of adding more planes to your fleet so please consider participating. This competition is open to only club members so entries will be limited and to answer the question I can see coming ----- YES; you can have an entry in both phases if you wish...

For information, both Brodak and RSM offer the 42" profile kits and there are still many of the old Sterling and Estes kits floating around. As for the full body kits, I know Walter Unland offers the Imperial, RSM offers the Super Ringmaster and PDK has a Sportster short kit available plus a number of these kits still do pop up on the internet. Also, plans are available for most of them too. I believe Joe Daniels has the Ringmaster Profile plan in his collection.

We would like to hear from everyone who is going to participate as to what they are building so we can be prepared for the event next year.


13th Annual Cleveland-Akron Area Stunt Championships

Map to 13th Annual Cleveland-Akron Area Stunt Championships - Airplanes and RocketsSponsored By Akron SkyMasters

Co Sponsored By North Coast Control Liners

Saturday Sept 21th & Sunday Sept. 22th 2013

Held at M.A.P.S. - Military Aviation Preservation Society

2260 International Parkway North Canton, Ohio

Saturday: Classic, Old Time, ARF Stunt, Profile Stunt (JSO)

Sunday: Pampa Classes

323 (JSO)

324 (JSO)

325 (JSO)

326 (JSO)

Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and Advanced:

Awards: Certificates thru Third place, each category.

$10 Entry first event, $5 each additional

Registration at 9am - First flight at 10am - No appearance points all events

No mufflers required

Sanction #13-1918 AMA 4705

CD: Ray Rowh 330-703-0823

Contact info:

Roger Strickler:330-645-1435




Pictures - Airplanes and Rockets

Clockwise from the top left:

1st place winner Denny Thomas receives award

Judges Dave Evar and Clint McBeth

Al Bergener flies the Cosmic Wind

Denny starts up for his official flight

Here are the original scanned pages:


Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p1) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p2) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p3) - Airplanes and Rockets


Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p4) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p5) - Airplanes and Rockets

Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p6) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p7) - Airplanes and Rockets   Bean Hill Flyers September / October 2013 Newsletter (p8) - Airplanes and Rockets

Here is a page featuring other flying clubs and hobby shops in the Erie, PA, area.

Map for Bean Hill Flyers

AMA Chartered Club #4673

View Larger Map



Posted September 7, 2013

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