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Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - May/June 2013

Erie, Pennsylvania

The Bean Hill Flyers club is Erie, Pennsylvania's, only organized control line flying group. It operates under sanction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), charter #4673. Two main flying sites are maintained, one in Albion, PA, and the other in Millcreek, just west of the Erie city line.

Class: Control Line      

AMA Chartered Club: #4673

Flying Field Location: Rt. 6N, just east of Albion, PA (see map)

Contact: Joe Daniels

Phone: 814-881-1895

Bean Hill Flyers May/June 2013 Newsletter - Airplanes and Rockets

President: Joe Daniels                         Vice President: Dennis Thomas

Treasurer: George Towns                    Safety Officer: Chris Keller

Newsletter Editor: Dalton Hammett     Secretary: Greg Rodney     Plans Librarian: Bill Hayes

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a feeling of Spring in the air, finally. The birds are singing, the breeze is warmer, and Mike Ditrich showed tip at the flying field. These are signs that Winter is over at last. Hopefully we are all in the final stages of our winter building projects because the time to fly at club events and at the field on a regular basis is starting very soon. So spray or brush that last coat of dope, or iron on that last piece of plastic or whatever it is you do to "get her done" because it's just about time to fly.

We have a close timing issue with two events in June. We need participation at the annual Meadville EAA gathering this year as it falls on the Sunday following the week long Brodak gathering. This is close timing but for those that don't go to Brodaks, or went and didn't get enough flying in, this is a great opportunity. It is also one of the best public exposure events we get the chance to do as a club. We always get some interest there if the weather is decent. So let's give it the best showing we can.

It was great to see some of you at Annual Sharon Swap Meet. The Bean Hill Flyers had a table and it seemed well used. There was lots of buying and selling going on and lot of "catching up" with friends you don't get to see so often. Thanks to Pat Rowan and Les Nering, I came home with more stuff than I was planning to, but that's what it is all about and if you weren't there, you missed some fun. It was great to see Dalton Hammett go from selling cars to selling planes. But then I have seen him do both at the same time.

The field behind Champion Ford is very dry so flying has been pretty regular on Saturday mornings at 10 am. It's a good place to start the year flying if you haven't been one of the crazy ones flying there all winter. Bring out your stuff - It's Time To Fly!

See you at the field,

Joe Daniels

Bean Hill Safety Column

It's finally nice out after that long, cold winter and that of course means it's time for some serious flying. The weather has been cooperating rather nicely and there have been several opportunities to get out and fly on the weekends. We had a lot of fun - and a few follies. One in particular struck me as odd. While holding a. flight streak for El Presidente', the engine decided to break the chains of oppression, that is the propeller, and show what it's really capable of.

This OS .25 LA seemed as mild mannered as any other, but we were in for a surprise. The engine was a little grumpy starting but it fired up and took off only to sputter and died several laps later. Well we tried again and this time the engine backfired, the prop loosened up and, in what can only be described as unadulterated awesomeness, the engine said "FINALLY I GET TO RUN!" This thing went from 0 to 50,000 rpm in a heartbeat. That's a guess, but it's probably not too far off. The thing sounded like a cat ate a bunch of woodscrews and got caught in a garbage disposal. In other words - It was screaming.

Before my reaction to throw the plane and run away could kick in, our fearless leader grabbed the plane and shoved its crankshaft in the dirt to stop the engine. Crisis averted. I don't know if this was really safety related, as in I'm not sure if it was actually dangerous to anything but the engine, but it was worth sharing. Woke me up I know that much. I'll call it a lesson in quick thinking. This whole thing had a happy ending too. The engine was fine and ran great for the next flight.

We also practiced starting an inverted engine plane and the choreography associated with various handoffs to flip an inverted plane into launching position. I had brought a new (for me) airplane to the field that was inverted. Having never started one previously, it was worth talking about first. Joe Maxwell and I talked it over and did several dry runs prior to starting it. It worked perfectly the first time. The plane didn't fly but 2 laps, but we got it started like we knew what we were doing. Anyway, it goes like this:

1)       Once in the circle at the launch point, invert the plane so that the bottom is up and the top is down.

2)       The pit man holds the plane like always and the pilot starts the engine.

3)       The pit man then holds the plane vertically such that the nose is pointing towards the sky.

4)         The pilot grabs the plane from the pit man and the pit man walks around to the same side of the plane that the pilot is on

5)       The pit man then grabs the plane while it is still vertical and gives the prearranged signal for the pilot to release the plane.

6)       The pilot then walks to the handle

7)       At which point the pitman then lowers the plane to the ground on its wheels and launches as one would with a profile or upright engine.

There are other ways to do this, but this is a good outline. Whatever you do, practice with your pitman such that there are no mistakes, i.e. blood and gore or flyaway planes. Stay safe everyone and let me know of any topics you may want me to touch on in future columns .

Chris Keller


Club Schedule

May 11

Building Session at Maxwell's Hobby starting at about 4:00. This is the last building session currently scheduled and if you have something you would like Joe to include please let him know.

June 11 - 15

Brodaks annual event. If you are signing up for the club JYW team please be sure you let Joe Maxwell or George Towns know. The team to sign up for is the "Bean Hill Conspiracy".

June 16

The annual EAA event at the Meadville, Pa. Airport. This one is going to be difficult as it is just after Brodaks so if you can participate please let Randy Shaffer know.

July 28

The annual Bean Hill event will include the Winter Building planes, skill level stunt, Foxberg race and our old Coxberg race. We will get more information out on this later but wanted to get it on the schedule.

Aug. 25

Fun-Fly in NY will include free hot dogs, soda and water. For information contact Denny Thomas.

***We don't know if there is going to be an Air Show at VoTech this year and haven't heard from the Dan Rice Days group.

April 6 Action at the Champion Ford Flying Field

George Townes and Mike Ditrich discuss the Demon - Airplanes and Rockets

George Townes and Mike Ditrich discuss the Demon

Greg Rodney flies the AG Duster - Airplanes and Rockets

Greg Rodney flies the AG Duster

Greg shows off the patriotic colors of his AG Duster - Airplanes and Rockets

Greg shows off the patriotic colors of his AG Duster

George Townes launches a profile carrier flight for Joe Maxwell  - Airplanes and Rockets

George Townes launches a profile carrier flight for Joe Maxwell

Here is a page featuring other flying clubs and hobby shops in the Erie, PA, area.

Map for Bean Hill Flyers

AMA Chartered Club #4673

View Larger Map



Posted April 27, 2013

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