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Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - March/April 2013

Erie, Pennsylvania

The Bean Hill Flyers club is Erie, Pennsylvania's, only organized control line flying group. It operates under sanction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), charter #4673. Two main flying sites are maintained, one in Albion, PA, and the other in Millcreek, just west of the Erie city line.

Class: Control Line       AMA Chartered Club #4673

Flying Field Location: Rt. 6N, just east of Albion, PA (see map)

Contact: Joe Daniels

Phone: 814-881-1895

Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - March/April 2013 - Airplanes and Rockets

President: Joe Daniels                         Vice President: Dennis Thomas

Treasurer: George Towns                    Safety Officer: Chris Keller

Newsletter Editor: Dalton Hammett     Secretary: Greg Rodney

Hi Everyone,

It's time to start thinking about spring time and summer flying. Keep your news letters handy to plan time for the various club events and nearby contests and flying get-togethers. A model airplane club is all about the camaraderie associated with the building and flying of models. Competition, fun flying, building, bull session enthusiast, (my personal favorite) or whatever your connection to controline models is, the more you connect with others of similar interest, the more fun and rewarding your time in this hobby will be. We hope the Bean Hill Flyers Club will offer as much opportunity as possible to enjoy this hobby in many ways. The key to this enjoyment is your participation and attendance. This year we plan to focus more frequent flying together on weekends, as well as the planned events we all look forward to. We will use email and telephone contact to encourage regular flying. And if you don't want to fly that day, you can still show up and enjoy the time together. But here's a warning, you may end up flying something.

Please note that the current Club By-Laws are in the this newsletter. We keep it simple as you can see, but there they are so please take a few minutes to read them through.

Lastly, please don't hesitate to engage and dialog with the officers. We need your input and valuable ideas. Let's all have a great year together.

Tight Lines,

Joe Daniels

Bean Hill Flyers Bylaws
Updated - January 1, 2013

I. Club Name
  A. Bean Hill Flyers
II. Location
  A.   10,000 US 6N, Albion PA 16401
III. Purpose
  A.   Enjoy and promote the sport of control line flying
IV. Membership
  A.   AMA or MAAC Membership required for flying members.
  B.   Payment of dues required the amount to be determined at the end of each year for the

      following year.

  C.  Non-flying enthusiasts may become members, attend functions and receive the club newsletter

     without AMA or MAAC membership. These members should be designated on the club roster as

    "Associate" where the AMA or MAAC number would show.

V. Club Officers
  A.   Officers will be elected every four years.
  B.   All officers must be AMA members.
  C.   The President, Treasurer and Safety Officer must be 19 years of age or older.
  D.   List of Officers
        President:  The President shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at

      meetings whenever possible. He shall be the spokesperson for the club.

        Vice President:  The Vice President shall assist the President in all matters and shall assume

      the duties of the President if, for any reason, he is not able to perform his duties.

        Secretary:  The Secretary shall maintain club correspondence, maintain a current club membership

      roster and keep records of club meetings. The Secretary shall work with other club officers to

      schedule meetings and events for the club. The secretary shall insure that all flying members have

      their AMA or MAAC number office.

        Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall maintain club funds, collect appropriate dues from members,

      pay club costs and work with other club officers to schedule meetings and events for the club. The

      Treasurer will furnish a detailed report of transactions when requested.

        Newsletter Editor:  The Newsletter Editor shall provide a newsletter on a regular basis. He shall

      work with other officers to provide items to include in the newsletter as well as obtaining items of

      interest to include from all members.

        Safety Officers:  The Safety Officer shall work to promote increased safety awareness on the

      part of all members, to improve the public perception of modeling as a safe and desirable

      sport and provide a means by which important safety information can be shared between clubs. The

      Safety Officer is a communication liaison between the club and AMA headquarters to ensure timely

      distribution of safety related material. The club safety officer must have email access.

        Club Plans Librarian:  This officer shall maintain a list of plans accumulated for use by our members.

      Members needing a specific plan should contact this officer to verify if it is available.

VI. Bylaw and Grievance Procedure
  It is the intent of the club to keep bylaws simple and promote the enjoyment of the sport. Any grievance except safety items should be taken to any club officer for handling. Safety items should be taken to the Safety Officer.

VII. Changes:
  Any proposal brought forth during a club meeting that may significantly affect the direction or face of the Bean Hill Flyers Club shall be voted on for approval by a majority vote of dub members who respond. Such items will be published in the club newsletter and include a returnable ballot addressed to the club secretary. Only ballots received that are postmarked within the prescribed time limit, as noted on the ballot, will be included in the vote for such proposal.
VIII. Items and events that have become standards of the club:
  A.   Annual dinner meeting to kick off the year, normally in January or February.

B.   Winter building challenge to promote building over the winter months.

C.   At least one competitive event to be held after the Brodak event.

D.   Build sessions during the winter months to promote and assist with building projects.

E.   Fun flies as often as possible plus participation in events including an EAA open house in

      Meadville, PA, a model air show at VoTech in Erie, PA and Dan Rice Days in Girard, PA.

F.   The character of the hillbilly flying on a hilltop has been adopted as the club emblem and dark

      green was adopted as the color of the club shirt.

Club Schedule

March 8      Build Session

March 17    Skylark's Annual Swap Shop - see page

March 23    Building Session

April 13      Building Session

April 27      Building Session

May 11       Building Session

June 8-9    Open International C/L event in Portugal

June 9       Our annual event at the Meadville Airport. We need all the planes and pilots we can get. For

                  information contact Randy Shaffer. 

June 11-15    Brodaks!! !

*******   Building sessions are held at Maxwell's hobby shop from about 4pm until6pm. Bring your projects

                 in if you would like some help or just stop in to visit and possibly help someone else. For more

                 information contact Joe Maxwell.

*******   Our club has a table reserved at the Skylark's Swap Shop. Any club member can use it to display

                 items for sale. You must monitor your items and remove them when you leave.


For Sale

I have the following items for sale. If you would like to ask questions call me at 814-882-1927, Dalton.

    1)  Pee Wee Pup C/l kit for .020 - .049 size engines. This is an original Joy Products Kit

         which has a 20" wingspan. That's 4" larger than the Blackhawk remake of the kit. $28

    2)  Small wood control handle. Ideal for smaller hands and .15 - .19 engine planes. $9

    3)  Veron Stunter kit. This one has a little of the building started on it, 30" span and looks a

         bit like a small Mustang. The box indicates it is for a .061- .099 engine but I think a .10

         to a small .15 would work. $50




March/April 2013

Hello BHF! I don't know about you, but this year I have vowed to build more in the off season, but with two forced bathroom renovations (don't ask - I'm sure you can think of a number of breakages that would cause this) in quick succession, it is turning out to be a rather slow building season. However, the Bean Hill club officers had a meeting in mid January and afterward managed to get a few flights in when it was about 60 degrees out. It gave me the itch. Bad. My eyes are always bigger than my board, unfortunately and even though I have too many kits already, I still have the dog-eared Brodak Catalog sitting on the lid of my toilet tank. I swear I think about building more than I actually build. But, it will come together. Somehow, someway.

So, just some musings from my limited time at the bench this winter:

1.    Balsa dust is very fine. I find it extremely irritating. And tasty.

2.    Instant Glue gives off wicked fumes when you apply it in large quantities. These fumes will make you

       tear so bad you can't see. Which is bad when you are gluing something INSTANTLY. Plan accordingly.

       Much like when bench pressing - it helps to have a spotter.

3.    Alcohol is best at dealing with epoxy on the skin - I prefer Wild Turkey. 101 of course.

4.    T-pins are demonic instruments of torture. There's no tip here - its just a fact.

5.    I always use fresh X-acto blades. That way it doesn't hurt so bad when I cut myself.

6.    Instant glue and kicker makes a great bandage.

7.    YOU might not like the smell of dope in the basement. Eh, never mind, go ahead and paint in the

       basement. Its cold outside.

8.    Razor planes are better at shaving knuckles than balsa wood.

9.    Broken propellers make great epoxy sticks.

10.  Don't snake a tub drain that is full of Drano. You work hard for those calluses on your hand and

       I assure you - a few minutes in a Drano bath will erase all that hard work. And your finger nails. One

       more thing - check your prop nuts if the plane has been sitting a while, especially on wood props. I have

       said this before and sure enough, I forgot. First fire on the motor on my P40 and sure enough the prop

       came loose. Nothing happened, but you never know. Stay safe this season guys! (But as always, let me

       know if something happens)

Chris Keller


Skylarks of Sharon, Pa.

Annual Model Swap Shop

Sunday, March 11,2013 9:00 A.M. to ???                                             AMA Club #569

The Skylarks of Sharon, PA invite you to our annual Swap Shop and Flea Market held at the Hickory VFW at 5550 E. State St., Hermitage, PA 16148.

-  The set up starts at 8:00 A.M.

-  Table Space: Full Tables only, $10.00 each.

-  50-50 Raffle.

-  Coffee, soda, donuts and hot dogs will be sold.

-  General admission $4.00, each table sold includes one admission.

For more information contact Gordon Longstreet at 724-346-2841 or e-mail at or visit us on the web. Send pre-registration to Skylarks of Sharon, 230 S. Myers Ave., Sharon, PA 16146.

Pre-registration is highly recommended! Payment in full should be included with registration.

For up to the minute information stay in touch with us on the web:

Skylarks of Sharon, PA, 2013 Annual Model Swap Shop - Airplanes and Rockets


Joe Maxwell (Maxwell Hobbies) with a Ringmaster profile he is rebuilding - Airplanes and Rockets

Lee Hammett shows us his "Magician Unlimited" - Airplanes and Rockets


Top: Joe Maxwell with a Ringmaster profile he is rebuilding. The plane has an interesting history of being built for control line then changed to Re. Now it is being returned to control line flying.

Bottom: Lee Hammett shows us his "Magician Unlimited" which has been in planning and building for a couple of years now. It spans about 67" and will be powered by an Evo .60.

Here is a page featuring other flying clubs and hobby shops in the Erie, PA, area.

Map for Bean Hill Flyers

AMA Chartered Club #4673

View Larger Map



Posted March 3, 2013

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