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Bean Hill Flyers Newsletter - September 2012
Erie, Pennsylvania

The Bean Hill Flyers club is Erie, Pennsylvania's, only organized control line flying group. It operates under sanction of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), charter #4673. Two main flying sites are maintained, one in Albion, PA, and the other in Millcreek, just west of the Erie city line.

Class: Control Line       AMA Chartered Club #4673

Flying Field Location: Rt. 6N, just east of Albion, PA (see map)

Contact: Joe Daniels

Phone: 814-881-1895

Note: The top of the newsletter says August, but I believe it should have been September since the newsletter has been published every two months and the last one was in July.

Bean Hill Flyers September 2012 Club Newsletter - Airplanes and Rockets

President: Joe Daniels                         Vice President: Dennis Thomas

Treasurer: George Towns                           Safety Officer: Chris Keller

Newsletter Editor: Dalton Hammett               Secretary: Greg Rodney

Just a few thoughts on the July 15th Annual Competition. We had a great crowd despite the morning rain and threat of thunderstorm activity. The stunt crowd enjoyed pretty good conditions with an occasional gust of windy turbulence, (mostly during Denny Thomas' flights), and keen competition for beginner and intermediate skill levels. Chris Keller flew a repeated win from his performance at Brodaks, with some smooth flying. Way to go Chris, I'm sure you'll be moving up a level very soon. The hollow log planes were great to see and even more fun to watch the flying, proving that 1/2A's have their own unique set of challenges. The Foxberg was enjoyable to watch, a combination skills, both from the pilot and pit person required to achieve success. Not to mention physical endurance from the pit person to chase down and re-launch the plane. Very entertaining. There is good club interest in this event, so grab a plane and a partner. We will be seeing more of this in the future.

For the rest of the summer and fall activities, check the schedule in this flyer. There is still a lot of stuff to participate in this year. We've gained a few new members and it's good to see them showing up at the club event. Don't forget to invite anyone who shows an interest to come out to see what we do. That's how it started for many of us who enjoy the hobby today.

One final thought on competition. In all competitive events, there are spectators, and there are participants. Both can be very enjoyable. But few other activities offer so many ways for anyone to compete at some level. No pressure, or as much as you can stand, this hobby will give it you, if you choose to take a whack at it. Maybe whack is the wrong word to use.... or maybe it isn't. Either way, it's all fun, if you want it to be.

Tight Lines,

Joe Daniels

Club Schedule

Sept 8 & 9 there is going to be a 2 day event at Joe Maxwell's field in East Springfield. Saturday the 8th will be a fun fly day starting about noon and flyers are invited to camp over night to be there for Sunday's flying. The plan for Sunday the 9th is flying starting at 9:00 am with a Coxberg Race in the morning and a Foxberg Race in the afternoon. Let's see if we can get some teams together for the races.
Sept 29 & 30 the 12th Annual Cleveland Area Stunt Championships will be in North Canton, Ohio this year. Please see the page in this newsletter.
Oct 6 & 7 the Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon 2012 is scheduled for these two days. This year in an effort to report more Ringmaster flights we will try to schedule both days. The 6th is a Saturday and we will plan to fly in Erie behind Champion Ford starting about 10:00 am. The 7th we will fly in Albion at our field starting at 1:00 pm, but use the school lot if the field is too wet. Bring out a Ringmaster if you have one or just come to fly what you have.

Comic, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets

"... and this is our cheaper model!"

Bean Hill Safety Column

Hello BHF! Well, the Summer is drawing to a close and before you know it we'll be buried in snow. There. I said it. Bah Humbug. This summer has been too hot and that's all there is to it. The heat thankfully wasn't enough to stop us from having a pretty busy summer. I think we had pretty good turnouts at all the events in the post couple of months which is good·.:"When there is a cold north wind blowing a foot of snow on top of us, you don't want to be thinking about the summer saying "Why didn't I fly more again?"

Anyway, a couple points to reiterate. These airplanes are not toys. Well, yes they are - but they're dangerous toys! Hard to imagine going to Toys-R-Us and finding something that would cut off most of your hand, but they are toys nevertheless. Speaking of hand cutting - it only takes one moment of lost focus to have your day go very wrong. We just had a gentlemen starting his twin that lost focus for one split second and had the palm of his hand zippered. That will get your attention. When asked if got stitches, his response was "No - there wasn't much left to stitch." I don't know exactly what that means, but it sure sounds unpleasant. Next point to sum up is check your lines. Every time you fly. Your lines need to be free from kinks, broken strands, knots, etc. Your connections need to be smooth so as not to catch on each other. If you have a plane (most planes) where the lead outs are spaced an inch or so apart, the connectors can cross and catch on each other during flight. You need to walk you lines each and every time you fly to ensure that nothing will go wrong with the lines. I have seen too many times this year models lost due to line problems. A certain Cardinal was reduced to toothpicks after doing a figure 9 into the ground during several consecutive loops. Pilot error was ruled out - a pretty safe assumption as the loops were high and the plane just dove straight into the ground from about 30' altitude. All controls were still intact and connected. The only possible physical explanation was the connections on the lines were sloppy and prone to catching on one another. All it takes is a split second of hang up and there goes the plane. The below photo shows non-AMA approved line connectors that should never be used. This gentlemen said "what's the problem? I doubled them up for strength?" DO NOT USE ZIP TIES FOR LINE CONNECTORS:

Do NOT use zip ties for line connectors!, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets

Chris Keller

Safety Officer

These pictures are from the July 15th meet.

July 15, 2012 contest, tents going up early, Joe Maxwell holds stunter for Chris Keller, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets 
Tents started going up early even with the weather looking bad.

Joe Maxwell holds his stunter for Chris Keller to weigh.

Albert Bergener's dusted fan plane, Eric Keller signals his wife to launch his Primary Force, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets 
Albert Bergener's dusted fan plane in the air.

Eric Keller signals his wife to launch his Primary Force.

New field center marker donated by Shirley Hammett, Clint McBeth prepares his Smoothie ARF for his first official flight in competition with Tom Tucker assisting, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets
New field center marker donated by Shirley Hammett.

Clint McBeth prepares his Smoothie ARF for his first official flight in competition with Tom Tucker assisting. Tom was visiting for the day and was one of the original members of the Albion Area C/L club years ago.

Kevin Rutsky lauches George Town's Hollow log entry on the new ramp, Andy Hammett and Dalton Hammett with Andy's Foxberg plane, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets
Kevin Rutsky lauches George Town's Hollow log entry on the new ramp. The ramp was built and donated to the club by Clint McBeth.

Andy Hammett (L) and Dalton Hammett with Andy's Foxberg plane.

12th Annual Cleveland Area Contest

12th Annual Cleveland Area Contest, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets

Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon 2012

Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon 2012, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets

2012-2013 Winter Building Challenge

The next winter building challenge plane is anyone of the three Carl Goldberg Goodyear Racers. These are the Shoestring, the Buster and the Cosmic Wind. They can be built from original kits, from the Brodak Kits or from scratch. The completed planes can be powered as you wish but we are hoping to see more Foxberg Race planes with Fox .35's. The planes must be built over the coming winter. If you have questions contact Dalton Hammett.

September 2012 Newsletter Spotlight, by the Bean Hill Flyers - Airplanes and Rockets

In the May/June issue of Stunt News we noted pictures of Bean Hill members Bill Hayes, Joe Maxwell, George Towns and Clint McBeth in the District 3 section.

Here is a page featuring other flying clubs and hobby shops in the Erie, PA, area.

Map for Bean Hill Flyers

AMA Chartered Club #4673

View Larger Map



Posted September 1, 2012

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