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3-Views & 4-Views List
from American Aircraft Modeler Magazine

P-38 Peashooter 3-View - Airplanes and RocketsP-38 Lightning 3-View - Airplanes and RocketsMany thanks to David Livesay for the hard work done in creating this list of free flight model plans and articles that appeared in American Aircraft Modeler, and for giving permission to duplicate it. I included additional listings from Air Trails and American Modeler. Here is the AMA Plans Service for ordering full-size copies.

Note: If I happen to have the edition in which your plan of interest was printed, I will be glad to scan the article for you - as time permits. Also, I sometimes forget to link to articles, so if the one you are interested in is not hyperlinked, please use the Search box to look for it.

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3- & 4-Views
1909 Curtiss Model A36Apr1969
1917 Morane-Saulnier AI (M.S. 29)42B,CApr1969
Aeronca C-333Feb1962
Aeronca LB (Model LA-LC)21May1969
Aeronca 7AC Champion28Jan1968
Aeronca Model L Series20May1969
Albatros D.VA38Jun1969
Arado AR-7640Mar1969
Arado AR234B-224Jun1972
Armstrong-Whitworth F.K. 10 Quadruplane22Jul/Aug1963
Asja-J6B JAKTFALKII42Jan1969
Avro 504K @ 504K MKII30Jul1971
BAC/Breguet Jaguar22Jan1972
Beechcraft D-17S Color38BAug1968
Bellanca 28-70 Irish Swoop40Aug1972
Berliner Joyce OJ-228May1968
Boeing F3B-122Jan1969
Boeing P-26A Peashooter38Jun1968
Bomarc IM-99 (Model Aviation)26Aug1958
Bristol Scout D38Sep1969
Bristol M.1C37Nov1965
Caudron C.620 Simoun42Jan1969
Cessna Airmaster66May1974
Cessna L-27A15Dec1957
Cessna OE-2 Bird Dog21Feb1957
Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair38Oct1968
Chance Vought VE-7, VE-9 & UO-1 (Model Airplanes News)24Mar1957
Continental K.B.-122Nov1968
Curtiss A-3B Falcon30Mar1968
Curtiss F9C-2 Color42Feb1969
Curtiss HAWK AE-330Oct1971
Curtiss HAWK 81 A-343Jul1969
Curtiss SEAHAWK SC-184Nov1974
Curtiss R3C-154Jun1973
Curtiss XP-4022Sep1969
Dayton Wright Racer52Jul1971
DeHavilland DH 88 Comet42Jan1969
De Havilland DH60-G Gypsy Moth42May1969
De Havilland DHC-3 Otter 34Mar1962
Dornier Delphin III67Aug1970
Douglas M-2 Mailplane30Dec1969
Douglas A-20 Boston V42Nov1970
Douglas XF4D-1 Skyray (Air Trails) 18Jul1954
F4D Phantom46May1970
Fairchild 22 C-7-F (1934)38BJul1968
Fairchild Model KR2129Oct1967
Fairchild 24W40-R4046Aug1970
Fairey Firefly V74Nov1973
Fiat CR 3246Jul1970
Fieseler FI.156C STORCH46Apr1970
Fieseler FI-167A-046May1969
Fly Baby I-B77Oct1973
Focke Wulf FW 190 A-3 Color39Nov1968
Fokker D.VII Color38Oct1969
Fokker F.II54Aug1969
Fokker D.VIII34Aug1974
Fokker D.XIII58Jan1975
Fokker Trimotor America40Feb1970
Folkerts SK-3 Jupiter42Feb1973
Folkerts SK-3 Speed King40Feb1973
Ford Trimotor19Oct1968
Gere Sport32May1971
Great Lakes 2T-1A46Sep1970
Grumman F7F-1-4N Tigercat46Jun1970
Grumman XF5F-144Jun1970
Grumman F3F-124Dec1971
Grumman Widgeon11Mar1967
Hall's Springfield "Bulldog" Racer28Nov1957
Hawker Typhoon IB36Sep1969
Hawker Siddeley Harrier24Jun1971
Henkel HE 51B34Dec1972
Howard DGA-15P28Sep1968
Junkers JU.87B-2 Stuka39Dec1969
Junkers JU 287 V144Jun1972
Junkers D JU.5274May1973
Knight Twister48Apr1974
Lockheed Air Express42Dec1970
Lockheed Sirius22Apr1973
Lockheed U-2C33Jul1972
Lockheed Vega17Aug1970
Loughead Sport-142Oct1972
Martin MO-129Aug1969
Martin-Baker MB516May1971
McDonnel Douglas Skyhawk30Sep1971
Mercury Chic T-279Jul1969
Messerschmitt BF-10942May1969
Mig 21-F40Nov1969
Miss RJ19May1970
Monocoupe 90A39Oct1969
Mooney Mite  M-18C 5554Mar1975
Morane Saulnier AI42Apr1969
Newcomers to America's Jet Air Force31Oct1957
Norair's N-156-F33Jan1962
Northrup Gamma30Mar1971
Northrop SM-62 Snark15Dec1957
OQ 2A Drone WW220Mar1971
Owl Racer22Apr1971
P-38 Lightning28Apr1971
P-51A Mustang38Jan1970
P-51B, 51C Mustang34Mar1972
Packard-LePere L.U.S.A.C. 1124Sep1974
Parnell Pixie  Jun1959
Pazmany PL-150Feb1974
Pfalz DVIII41Jul1973
Pietenpol Air Camper18Aug1969
Pitts S-2A28Dec1973
Pitts S-240Mar1970
Polikarpov I-1658Jun1974
Porterfield CP-65 Collegiate17Aug1968
PZL-104 Wilga-3P42Jul1968
Rason "Warrior" X-310Nov1957
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt36Sep1972
Republic P-47D-25 Thunderbolt38Sep1968
Republic XR-1246Nov1971
Rives Flacks Special24Feb1972
Rose Parakeet A-137Apr1972
Rouffare Model R-637Oct1974
Ryan ST-3 | PT-21 | PT-2233Jul1962
Ryan ST-3KR PT-2134Aug1971
Ryan S-CW14523Jul1968
Ryan Seaplane (Flying Aces)51Feb1942
Saab J21 A-230Feb1971
Saab A37 Viggen66Jan1974
Saab MFI 15 / 1727Dec1974
SE 5A Color42Aug1969
Sopwith Triplane23Aug1968
Sopwith Camel38Jan1970
Spad XIII C.142Dec1968
Sperry Messenger17Mar1968
Spinks Akromaster30Feb1970
"Spirit of Saint Louis" Ryan N-Y-P (American Modeler)16Jun1957
Springfield "Bulldog" Racer (American Modeler)28Nov1957
Stephens Akro45Mar1975
Stephens Akro41Aug1973
Stinson SR-10 Reliant46Oct1970
Supermarine Spitfire VA42Mar1969
Taylor Cub F-225Aug1969
Tiger Moth DH.8230Apr1972
Vought Corsair II46Jan1971
Vought-Sikorsky OS2U-1 (Flying Aces)51Feb1941
Whitehead N-2116Nov1968
Witts V54Feb1974
Yak -332Sep/Oct1965

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