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Control Line Scale & Sport Plans List
from American Aircraft Modeler Magazine

Many thanks to David Livesay for the hard work done in creating this list of free flight model plans and articles that appeared in American Aircraft Modeler, and for giving permission to duplicate it. I included additional listings from Air Trails and American Modeler. Here is the AMA Plans Service for ordering full-size copies.

Note: If I happen to have the edition in which your plan of interest was printed, I will be glad to scan the article for you - as time permits. Also, I sometimes forget to link to articles, so if the one you are interested in is not hyperlinked, please use the Search box to look for it.

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Control Line Scale
Art Chester Racer  (Air Trails)28Jan1952
B-24 Liberator20Aug1954
Beechcraft Musketeer14Mar1969
Blohm Voss 141-B40Aug1970
Bristol "170" Freighter46Annual1961
Bristol M.1C  (American Modeler)16Aug1957
BV-170 PRO21Feb1972
Cassutts Special34May-Jun1965
Chance Vought F4U-1A Corsair20Nov-Dec1963
Chance Vought Skimmer34Jun1972
Curtiss SB2C-126Jul1971
Curtiss Hawk17Nov1957
Curtiss Pusher  (Air Trails)57Nov1948
Douglas DC-3 / C-4720Dec1954
Douglas Devastator28Jul1972
Douglas Skystreak  (American Modeler)18Mar1967
F-4 Phantom17Jun1971
F-8 Crusader18Jun1971
F-82 Twin Mustang27Jun1968
F-84G Thunderjet16Jul1970
Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat 25May/Jun1963
Grumman F7F Jun1957
Halberstadt D-II33Jan1968
Hawker Tempeste27Mar1962
Hawker Typhoon26Sep1970
Heinkel HE-117Mar/Apr1963
KI-61-Hein Tony46Jan1975
Lockheed Vega18Aug1970
Macchi C.20225Mar1973
Macchi "Saetta" Fighter  (Air Trails)26Sep1954
Meteor F MK868Jan1974
OV-1A Bronco30Oct1972
Pitcairin Mailwing24Aug1968
Roland "Wahlfisch"  (American Modeler)20Sep1962
Rugged Skyraider27Jun1970
SBD Dauntless21Apr1971
Sea Fury27Mar1973
Skyvan Shorts38Jan1970
Smith Miniplane  (American Modeler)20Jan1961
Spezio Sport Tuholer30Sep1973
Spitfire 63Aug1973
Stephan Akro45Mar1975
Taper Wing Waco  (Air Trails)32Nov1953
Troop Glider & C-46 Tug35May1971
Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire MK IIA22Dec1972
Vickers Wellesley48Jun1974
Vickers Wellesley  (American Modeler)28May1957
Wee Bee  (Air Trails)41Nov1950
Control Line Sport / Stunt
"AT" Interceptor  (Air Trails)35Apr1951
Atom 1/2A23Jul1969
Avenger 3555Jul1974
Biceps Bipe26Apr1969
Bipes and Tripes 1/2A36Mar1974
Bonster & Sweepea Goodyear34Apr1970
Bosta Combat82Oct1973
Bounty Hunter Speed51Apr1973
Cardoard Cutie15Feb1970
Carosel  (American Modeler)12Mar1961
Charger 1/2A49Oct1970
Channel Winger  (Air Trails)58Jul1954
Classical Gas28Feb1970
Cobra Pattern17Feb1971
Combat King (American Modeler) Junu1959
Corrigan 1/2A31Nov1968
Dancer 1/2A45Feb1971
Das Kraut50Mar1974
Demon Delta19Dec1969
Desert Rat14Apr1962
Dragonfly Trainer48May1970
Emanon Speed25Mar1969
F-84G Thunderjet18Jul1970
Falcon Special Goodyear27Oct1968
Fireball OT15Dec1971
Flettner-Type Rotor Wing  (American Modeler)36Mar1957
Flying Outhouse69Apr1974
Gay Devil30Jun1957
Hooptee Too Speed37Oct1969
Hot Canary  (American Modeler)36Jan1952
Impala  (American Modeler)24Sep/Oct1963
Jaunty Alouette  (Air Trails)36Sep1954
Killer Combat27Sep1971
Killer Combat Kites  (Air Trails)48Jul1954
La Jollita Goodyear Racer25Sep1969
Lil'Rebel RACER38May1972
Martin MO-128Aug1969
Milk Carton Special Milk Car32Mar1971
Rathgeber's "Minimum,"  (American Modeler)23Mar1957
Miss Lexington Pattern55Oct1974
Monsters & Monoplanes 1/2A38May1974
Nifty Novice43Jan1972
North American Trojan T-2857Feb1974
Old Ironsides Dynajet29Jul1970
Perpy VTO28Mar1957
Phantasy Combat49Jan1975
Piped Bee  Class B Speed47Feb1975
Pitts Special Speed47Feb1975
Retracting-Gear Airliner  (American Modeler)28May1961
Santana Speed 1/2A25Sep1968
Saucerer 1/2A13Jan1970
Scorpion Combat43May1973
Shark 3530Jul1961
Short Snorter  (American Modeler)14Oct1958
Skyhawk PRO29Apr1973
Small Fry Special 1/2A15May1969
Specter Combat23Mar1968
Squeaker Speed  (Air Trails)48Nov1954
Squeeze-Banger Combat42Apr1972
Stiletto Racer22Dec1970
Student 1/2A57Sep1973
Stuka Stunt  (American Modeler)19Jul1961
Stunt Rocket  (Air Trails)36Jul1951
Super Sabre Trainer 1/2A52May1972
Sweet Pea48Nov1972
T-19 Easy *22Dec1973
Tee-Nee Delta FS22Nov1965
Toothpick Combat24Jan1971
Tri Pacer Trainer21May1968
Two forthe Show 1/2A25Mar1972
Witch Craft 1/2A53Nov1972
Wittman Buster Goodyear29Nov1971

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