Herkimer Tool & Model Works OK Engines
July 1961 American Modeler

July 1961 American Modeler

July 1961 American Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

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Herkimer Tool & Model Works OK Engines

Safe ... Simple ... Sensational!

OK's Instant Start CO2 Engine

Only $5.95 with holder

a flip of the prop and away she goes!

Piston-Prop Powerplant without Battery, Plug or Fuel!

Get the thrill of championship performance on your very first flight. OK's sensational CO2 engine makes it that sure, that simple. No fine adjustments to make ... no fuel to pour or spill ... no batteries or plugs to check. Just flip the prop and the CO2 leaps into instant action ... powered by harmless compressed gas from an easily installed CO2 cartridge.

Assures fairer tests of plane designs in contests and races, starting everyone with equal power. Gives up to a full minute of powered flight in models weighing up to 5 ounces without engine or accessories. Easy to install and use, the CO2 is made to the same high standards as famous OK Cubs. Details and information on full-view package at your favorite hobby shop.

and See These Hot new OK Engine-Powered Jobs, too ...

OK Cub .049B

An OK Cub Enginer for Every Model, Power and Need -

From .024 to .35

priced from $3.95 to $12.95

OK Cadet Trainer

First step to powered flight in assembled and ready-to-fly model. High-impact plastic, with OK Cub engine and control. Now at beginner's price of only $5.98.

OK Cub-Kart

Realistic scale model for racing fun in garage or basement. OK Cub engine, all-metal chassis, neoprene tires, helmeted driver. Now at introductory price of


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