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February 1949 Air Trails
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These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.


Sketch Book

Have you developed something new in construction, control, or flying that might interest other modeler? Send a rough sketch - we'll redraw it and pay $2 for each one accepted

• Compact functional design is evident in speed model dreamed up by Bill Shellman and James LaPointe, Detroit, Mich. Body is chiefly a plywood former with hollowed blocks fore and aft. Incidentally, fellows, don't forget an air outlet! By the way - Sketchbook is open to an occasional "dream design" that has not been tried out in actual tests. Sort of Airmen of Vision along model lines.

• Tom Wardlaw, Kansas City, Mo., veteran free-flighter, patches gas model wings with leading edge sheet covering. Lapping ribs gives flush-fitting patch.

• Microfilm patching material is held by static elec tricity between newspaper layers. When needed, cut to size through paper. By Dick Baxter, Detroit, Mich.

• Joseph Johnson, Greenfield, Mass., uses additional pushrod to rudder horn on flying scale control models to assure an outward pull in climbing maneuvers."

• Wing spars of tapered trailing edge stock suggested by John Maloney, Warren, O. Points of maximum fibre tension are thus heavier and stronger.

• Lubed rubber strands tied securely by first knotting ends; small rubber bands secure loop ends for easier handling. From Merwin Bristol, Oak Park, Ill.

• From French Morocco, North Africa, comes idea by Paul Fredericq for rubber-loaded mechanism to turn the rudder of your towline glider for circling glide.